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Palatal expanders are used for creating more space for orthodontic treatment, expand bows or treat bite disorders.

Product Details
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1) Customize

2) Suitable for several top teeth at the back of the mouth

3) Commonly used in teenagers


1) Palatal expanders creat more space in the child's mouth by gradually widening the upper jaw.

2) The maxillary expander stretches the cartilage and bone of the upper jaw. The mandibular expander shifts the tooth itself.

Product Design:

The expander has two halves with a screw connection in the middle. 


1) To activate the expander, you only need to use a special key to rotate a small number of screws per day. It causes tension at the junction of the two humerus, causing them to garadually seperate.

2) Children should avoid sticky and hard food and candies when wearing an expander.


There are three situations in which a child may need a palatal expander: crossbite, crowding and impacted teeth. 

Adverse Reactions:

1) Feeling some pain and discomfort. 

2) Extra saliva and anterior teeth gaps.

3) The feeling of speaking and eating is different because of the presence of the expander.

All these adverse reactions indicate that the expander has the desired effect. 

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