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Dental implant crown is a replacement for a missing tooth. It is categorized at prosthetic dentistry although it is also viewed as a form of cosmetic dentistry.

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Implant crown and bridge


1) Simple treatment process

2) Easy to maintain

3) Implant crown and bridge are more comfortable than dentures

4) Natural and easy to chew

5) Strong and stable

6) Similar to the natural teeth in appearance, feel and function


1) Implant crown and bridge can be used to replace multipal missing natural teeth

2) To reduce long-term risk to the jaw

3) To prevent the deterioration of jaw fractures

4) To protect the other teeth without putting any stress on them

5) To prevent skeletal atrophy and keep your bones healthy

Rang of application:

1) For comestic and restorative purposes

2) Suitable for patients who lack a single tooth or several consecutive teeth

Product Design:

1) The implant itself fusses with the bone, and the natual crown forms the visible part of the teeth.

2) The implant can be fitted with special clips.

3) Firmly fastened to the jaws.

4) There are implant PFM crowns, implant zirconia crowns, and we could make them screw retention or cement retention, depending on your choice.


1) Develop good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day and use floss to clean the teeth

2) Quit smoking

3) Avoid chewing hard food, such as ice and hard candies

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