Cute Floral and Plants Decals Ceramic Container

IPS e.max® is made of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic and delivers outstanding esthetics and precision fit.

Product Details
Each of our Chinese dental producer shenzhen, Flexible Denture shenzhen, Implant Crown And Bridge shenzhen is made of high-quality raw materials, which is the bearing of experience and creativity. We will never stop learning, arm ourselves with professional technology to become an industry leader. Give us a chance to show you our professionalism and passion.

E.max crown, Veneer, Inlay and onlay


1) Outstanding aesthetics and precision fit

2) Beautiful and curable

3) Economical 

4) Excellent light transmission

5) Excellent soft tissue response and biocompatibility

6) Nonmetallic substructures of e.max crown eliminate allergic reactions to metals

7) Low sensitivity to heat and cold

8) E.max is suitable for a wide range of cavity surface options

9) Metal-free


1) E.max veneer can permanently conform to natural teeth.

2) E.max crown match perfectly with natural teeth.

3) E.max inlay and onlay are ceramic restoration rebuiding only a portion of a tooth when filling is not an adquate choice.

4) E.max veneer can be used to treat a broken or discolored tooth or a slightly incorrect tooth quikly and easily.

5) E.max restorations are suitable for both adhesives and conventional bonding.


E.max CAD is suitable for complete anterior or posterior crowns.

Product Design:

1) IPS e.max® is made of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic. 

2) The veneer is the dental restoration at the front of the tooth. Inlays and onlays are ceramic 

3) At Fotis dental laboratory, all works are made with excellent materials. E.max : Ignots from Ivoclar, E.max Ceram porcelain from Ivoclar.

We have been in line with the product quality is the fundamental business philosophy, all sales of Cute Floral and Plants Decals Ceramic Container are of high quality. Our company has a good research and development foundation, focusing on continuous innovation according to market demand. Our quality management runs through every link of development and manufacturing.
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