CE Certified Disposable Single Use PP SMS Micro Porous Protective&Breathable Lab Coat for Doctor, Nurse, Visitor, Hospital, Dental, Cleaning

For the doctors who don’t trust all ceramic works, the porcelain fused to metal crowns have remained a trusted restoration option.

Product Details
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PFM crown and bridge (Porcelain fused to metal)


1) High bonding strength, durability

2) Marginal integrity, biocompatibility, aesthetics

3) Attachments insertion permission

4) Prevention of discoloured underlying tooth structure


1) To protect broken or damaged teeth

2) To restore overworn rotten teeth to support new fillings

3) To restore the remianing tooth structure after a root canal treatment

4) To anchor the dental bridge

5) To cover up discoloration of teeth that do not respond to whitening treatment


1) Perfect restoration for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges

2) Cases requiring precision attachments or when minimum internal occlusion space is available

3) The conventional crown structure extends all the way to Full Roudhouse Bridges

Product Design:

1) The whole crown has a metal layer at the bottom and porcelain at the top

2) The metal frame is thin and strong, perfectly fitting the prepared teeth

3) The metal provides strong compression and tensile strength, and the porcelain provides the crown a white, toothy apperance

4) The crowns are usually made from a partial veneer, covering only the visible side of the crown.

Range of Application:

PFM crown and bridge are suitable for all areas of the mouth and most clinical conditions

Our goal is to make high-quality CE Certified Disposable Single Use PP SMS Micro Porous Protective&Breathable Lab Coat for Doctor, Nurse, Visitor, Hospital, Dental, Cleaning, and provide customers with professional solutions. We take customer satisfaction as our policy, systematically controlling product quality. Our after sales service organization is perfect and fast, so as to provide 24 hours of professional maintenance and solve difficult customer problems in time.
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