3-Way LPG Gas Powered Absorption Refrigerator

Zirconia is a very strong material with is compatible with human body, it is also used in many other medical applications such as artificial joints and is known for its strength and durability.

Product Details
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Zirconia crown and bridge


1) Strong and durable

2) Combination of strength of metal and aesthetic appeal of porcelain

3) Biocompatible

4) High bending resistance

5) Excellent aesthetics

6) Excellent edge fit

7) Natural appearance


1) To restore the damaged teeth to their original shape.

2) To cover up highly discolored teeth.

3) To resist dyeing of tea, coffee, cigarette, red wine, etc.

4) To reduce the small gap between teeth.

5) To improve chewing efficiency.


Suitable for patients with a history of grinding or occlusion.

Product Design:

1) Zirconia can be glued or cemented.

2) Zirconia crown and bridge can match the color of existing teeth.

3) A zirconia bridge is a structure in which a prosthetic tooth and two crowns are attached to a metal base that serves as a substitute for missing teeth.

4) A zirconia crown can be layered with porcelain.

5) At Fotis dental laboratory, all works are made with excellent materials. Zircoina : blanks from Wieland, Amann Girrbach and Sagemax, VM9 porcelain from Vita. Turnaround time: one week

We adhere to the spirit of first-class quality spirit, we pay attention to every detail of the 3-Way LPG Gas Powered Absorption Refrigerator and carefully consider the details of the product. Our company is constantly enhancing the innovation ability and market adaptability of enterprises. We will adhere to the operating principles of honoring contracts and keeping reputation. With the entrepreneurial spirit of unity, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, we work hand in hand with new and old customers in economic construction, support each other, and create a brilliant tomorrow!
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