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Removable Precautions For Removable Dentures

Active dentures are generally made of plastic and stainless steel, steel wire, etc., after wearing the mouth, the chewing function than natural teeth, it is best not to eat too hard food. Steel wear dentures, often speak unclear, saliva increased, and even nausea and vomiting and other uncomfortable feeling. In case of this situation, do not have to be nervous, insist on wearing a few days, that is gradually used to. If there is pain, then referral, to be modified and then use. With a stainless steel wire mesh ring denture, should be along a certain direction into, do not use strong push. When the fetus is removed, the denture of the upper jaw is applied with the forefinger to catch the clasp to pull down, and the denture of the mandible is pushed against the ring with the thumb tip.Removable Dentures

During the day, the dentures should be worn in the mouth and should be washed after meals and washed with toothpaste or soap (boiled with boiling water or chemical) at any time to keep the food residue from accumulating. Before going to sleep at night, it is best to remove the dentures, so that the oral tissue to rest, but also to avoid the accidental removal of dentures and other accidents. After the dentures are removed and stored in a cold water cup, so as to avoid deformation of the dentures. If the dentures fall off, break or defect, all the block should be brought to hospital for examination, repair. Dentures are used for several years, due to changes in oral tissue or plastic properties change, when not in use, should be modified or redo, do not force to use, so as not to damage the natural teeth or other tissues within the mouth.Removable Dentures

Generally divided into active denture and fixed denture, the former is a metal ring, usually can pick their own, the latter is often said porcelain teeth, metal bridge, is fixed to the teeth on both sides of the teeth. In general, the range of active dentures is wide, the production is simple, the course of treatment is short, the price is relatively cheap, but the lack of comfort, poor aesthetics, strong foreign body, low chewing efficiency, poor simulation results. Fixed denture is the saying goes porcelain teeth, the simulation effect is good, chewing high efficiency, foreign body feeling small, beautiful appearance, but the production of complex, slightly more expensive price.Removable Dentures