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Orthodonticsfor Dental Problems Related To The Program

Abnormal arrangement of teeth, said the wrong jaw deformity, common such as to package days, climbing teeth, double teeth and tiger teeth and so on. Dentition correction is usually 1.5 to 2 years, to achieve the perfect correction effect, oral orthodontic treatment of skilled doctors and patients with the cooperation is the key.Orthodontics 

Before the dentition correction of the patients, to the hard and soft tissue around the maxillofacial surface to conduct a comprehensive, systematic and careful examination, to make a scientific diagnosis, set a strict and comprehensive treatment plan, in order to correct treatment, otherwise Have a serious impact on the efficacy, and even to patients with adverse consequences.Orthodontics In patients who want to improve their deformities after the first teeth to the regular hospital for the initial diagnosis, and dentists to communicate, so that each other a very detailed understanding. After the exchange through the X-ray film, you can locate the skull side of the film, the whole jaw surface fault film, the preparation of dental model, the Ministry of facial and mouth teeth and so on. The purpose is to see your teeth and bone development direction. In order to facilitate the future development of accurate dental correction program. Through the doctor to seek a comprehensive understanding of the situation, a comprehensive analysis to make the most suitable for the United States to correct the program, you can make the teeth better correction. Prepare treatment in accordance with the best orthodontic program: this process generally takes about 2 years.Orthodontics

In accordance with the doctor to develop the dental correction program, the batches of teeth, the general people probably need to pull about 4 teeth, some special, such as wisdom teeth and more teeth are too intensive also pull about 8. (Some people do not need to pull, only the teeth can be) between this if there is any tooth decay will be the first to make up, there will be teeth before the first tooth wash. (The purpose of tooth extraction is to empty the space, to those who due to crowded teeth lead to irregular teeth, as the gap will be closed when the gap.Orthodontics