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Orthodontics Treatment Of Orthodontics Means

Oral orthodontic treatment using biomechanical principles of orthodontic treatment of orthodontic treatment. Through the treatment system to moderate and lasting biological force, that is, 20 to 26 grams per square centimeter of the force value, can complete the movement of the teeth, without damaging the health of the teeth and its surrounding tissue. The treatment of malocclusion is different from the treatment of general disease, it does not require injections to take medicine, mainly rely on oral or external wear appliance, the teeth, alveolar bone and jaw to exert appropriate "biological" Its physiological movement, so as to correct the wrong malocclusion. In addition, some adult patients with bone deformity, but also with the surgical treatment.Orthodontics

Need the cooperation between doctors and patients: the treatment of the force provided by the appliance, the patient seriously wear to make it play a role, especially for patients who wear event appliance. The combination of doctors and patients directly determine the length of treatment and treatment of the final effect.Orthodontics Long course of treatment: correction of teeth, jaw movement is gradual, in the treatment process, by the doctor on the appliance to the appropriate afterburner, to gradually move the purpose of the teeth, so the treatment required for a longer course, generally 2 years or so, complex deformity may be longer. Treatment process patients generally need to wait every few weeks to the hospital for referral, referral mainly by the doctor according to the wrong occlusion of the treatment of the appliance to make appropriate adjustments.Orthodontics

Abnormal arrangement of teeth, said the wrong jaw deformity, common such as to package days, climbing teeth, double teeth and tiger teeth and so on. Dentition correction is usually 1.5 to 2 years, to achieve the perfect correction effect, oral orthodontic treatment of skilled doctors and patients with the cooperation is the key. Before the dentition correction of the patients, to the hard and soft tissue around the maxillofacial surface to conduct a comprehensive, systematic and careful examination, to make a scientific diagnosis, set a strict and comprehensive treatment plan, in order to correct treatment, otherwise Have a serious impact on the efficacy, and even to patients with adverse consequences.Orthodontics