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Mutual Compatibility Of Implant Works

In vitro reconstruction of human tissue organs with certain physiological and biochemical functions to repair or reconstruct diseased tissue organs is a dream that mankind has ever had, and also a long-term goal of biological manufacturing engineering.Implant Works 

Through the efforts of many scientists, the artificial organs from the earliest mechanical, evolved into the later half of the mechanical half biological, and then developed today to produce completely similar to the natural organs of the whole biological type of artificial tissue organs. At this stage, researchers have not mastered the skills that are so superb in nature. The duplication of human organs needs to be gradual, starting with a single organization, through complex tissue, functional tissue, to part and all of the organs. At present, breakthrough research progress has been made in the first few stages.Implant Works

It is a mature technique to implant a good biocompatibility, non degradable stent and prosthesis. Applications such as metal (or nonmetal) prostheses and their living interfaces are being progressively expanded. These have benefited from the development of biological manufacturing, and have formed a biological manufacturing core technology research and product development direction.Implant Works

The research and manufacture of tissue engineering scaffolds using biodegradable, biocompatible biomaterials are being widely carried out. At present, the structural tissue engineering has achieved considerable results. Structural tissue is a relatively simple structure of skin, bone, cartilage, muscle and tendon, and its construction has made great progress. At present, both at home and abroad are vigorously developing construction structure Organization project.Implant Works 

In the whole function of visceral organs, because of its complex structure, the number of cell types involved, the regulation and regeneration mechanism of cells and tissues is not very clear, the construction of vascular network has not been well resolved, how to achieve artificial manufacturing in vitro and to obtain similar natural organ function expression, its mechanism is still to be studied and clarified. Vascular remodeling plays an important role in the construction of complex organs in vitro.Implant Works