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Introduction Of Different Kinds Of Removable Dentures

Steel wear dentures, often speak unclear, saliva increased, even nausea and vomiting and other uncomfortable feeling. In case of this situation, do not need to be anxious and dry, adhere to wear a few days, that is gradually used. If there is pain, then the diagnosis, to be modified to use. The dentures with stainless steel wire clasp should be worn in a certain direction and cannot be used to push pressure. When taken out, the maxillary dentures are applied to pull the clasp down with the tip of the forefinger, and the dentures of the mandible apply the thumb apex to push the clasp upward.Removable Dentures

Dentures should be worn in the mouth during the day, after meals should be washed, and toothpaste or soap brushing (bogey with boiling water or chemical drugs) at any time to keep clean, so as to avoid accumulation of food residue on it. At night before bedtime, it is best to remove dentures, so that the oral tissue to rest, but also to avoid swallowing false teeth and other accidents. After the dentures are removed, they are stored in a cold water cup to prevent the dentures from deforming. If the dentures fall off, break or defect, all the broken pieces should be brought to the hospital for repair. After several years of use of dentures, because of changes in the oral tissue or plastic properties, when not, should be modified or redo, do not reluctantly use, so as not to damage the natural teeth or other tissues in the mouth.Removable Dentures

The types of dentures can be divided into: fixed denture, porcelain tooth, comfort is very high, expensive but need excellent base teeth. Permanent wear to teeth, life expectancy of 10 years or less (binder technical restrictions) can not be removed, no need to remove the cleaning. The color is almost the same as the teeth around. Removable denture, the general price is lower, the comfort is low, need to remove the clean. The tooth is basically not worn. The life should be different from the material, and the color is different from tha. Concealed denture, movable denture, the price is slightly higher than the active denture, the comfort degree is higher!Removable Dentures

The impairment of human masticatory function after tooth loss affects the appearance and development of the teeth, and causes the periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint diseases. Therefore, the timely repair of the lack of teeth is very necessary. The denture is a kind of repair method which is usually used after the tooth is missing. As to the type of dentures to be installed according to their own circumstances to choose, before the selection of the kind of dentures is necessary.Removable Dentures