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A Detailed Analysis Of Implant Works

One of the four high performance polymers used in the family of materials for implantable medical devices. The new mixes contain not only image contrast additives, but also all the performance advantages of the material, while enhancing the visibility. The implants made with the mix have a visible implant that does not require the use of metal materials. This new compound has two types of resin (for injection molding) and bar, the bar can be high-precision machining, production of different sizes and structure of the product.Implant Works

In the field of intervertebral disc instruments and other applications, compared to titanium, cobalt chromium alloy metal materials, have more advantages. The material has many important advantages, such as biocompatibility, chemical stability and elastic modulus similar to the bone itself. Biocompatibility tests conducted according to the standard showed that there was no symptoms such as cytotoxicity, allergic reaction, irritation and acute systemic poisoning. Recently, the company said the new fabric made by Solvay for spinal implantation has been certified by the FDA. Thermoplastic biomaterials provide high-performance skeletal structures for the human body's neck and waist.Implant Works A member of the family of compatible materials, having a modulus that is very close to the bone itself and has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance. FDA-given certification to some extent is the high performance characteristics exhibited by materials that are essential in cervical fusion surgery that requires high precision implantation.Implant Works

In the field of intervertebral device applications, titanium, cobalt chromium alloy metal materials have more advantages. This material has biocompatibility, chemical stability and elasticity similar to the bones itself and many other advantages. Biocompatibility tests confirmed that the material did not cause symptoms such as cytotoxicity, allergic reactions, irritation and acute systemic poisoning. Not only that, this material also has a high strength and rigidity, and its transparent features can make X-ray normal operation.Implant Works