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Porcelain Crown and bridge repair problems in patients

Nov 30, 2016

1. because the porcelain has a certain brittle, PFM Crown and bridge repair bites should be avoided in patients with a hard object (such as sunflower seeds, beans, dried beef, bones, etc), not porcelain.

2. in the longer-term jaw force, restoration is likely to loose, this is the case, the patient should as soon as possible to hospital referral back bonded restorations.

3. the patient should pay attention to oral hygiene, prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease or worsen, in porcelain crowns and bridges use several years later, gingival atrophy may occur if beauty or food impaction is seriously too, only to replace a new porcelain crowns and bridges.

4. pain caused by allergies, common in vital teeth repair techniques or lateral root canal cannot go to the spinal cord, if minor symptoms, patients can use desensitizing toothpaste containing fluoride treatment on their own, if the symptoms do not ease the patient as soon as possible to hospital for dental treatment.