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Dental Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge Supply

Feb 15, 2017

Dental porcelain fused to metal crown:1.Good marginal seal.2.Beautiful. Adjustable color made of the same color as real teeth3.Good biocompatibility. In particular the production of bio-ceramic dental precious metals and porcelain teeth, because of its chemical inertness and electrical corrosion resistant, non-allergic tissue.4.Extremely high strength.

Specification:1.No foreign body sensation, good color 2.High intensity, economical. 3.Good biocompatibility 4.Natural and esthetical

Product:longevity,natural-looking internal characteristics,strength,long-span bridges

natural look,excellent shade marching,proven durability,fast turnaround time.

1.Favorable price 

2.Excellent quality 

3.Natural and Esthetical 

4.Good after sells service 

Dental Porcelain bridge 

Fotis Dental Laboratory, located at Shenzhen city, is a full service China dental lab providing outsourcing service. With over 100 technicians and equipped with up-to-date equipments on floor area of 1700 square meters, and as an ISO and FDA certificated dental lab, we specialize in the fabrication and timely delivery of Porcelain Fused to Metal,Fine dental crown and Bridge restorations, Emax, zirconia, implant, telescop works, dentures, partial casting frameworks, combination works, occlusal splints, sports guards, anti-snoring and other orthodontic devices. 

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