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Considerations for zirconia porcelain teeth

Nov 30, 2016

Considerations on zirconia porcelain teeth, mainly the following points:

First, was the beginning of zirconia porcelain teeth to eat soft food, adapt and eat normal food again.

Second, beginning with zirconium oxide in patients with mild discomfort when patience should be used and adapted.

Third, Zirconia porcelain teeth more than its stress range stress of porcelain, so don't bite too hard food, such as walnut or something.

The four initially compared with the front, upper and lower teeth may vary, eating slowly, gradually adapted to avoid biting buccal mucous membrane of the tongue.

Lastly, Zirconia ceramic plaque with abutment joint easy accumulation, formation of dental calculus, should pay attention to keep the mouth clean, develop a habit of brushing your teeth after meals, using dental floss to clean between the teeth, and regular hospital checks, dental

The six, because of grinding tooth preparation, except in some tooth enamel, when first wearing porcelain teeth, hot and cold sensitivity or pain occur, over time will gradually ease

Seven zirconia porcelain teeth avoid cold hot foods, so as to avoid stimulating pain. About two weeks later you can eat normally.